Little packages of love

One of my favorite parts about going to weddings is seeing all the unique ways Brides and Grooms thank their guests for sharing their special day with them. Yes, that’s right – the favors. We’ve moved away from little rounds of tulle filled with candy coated almonds to just about anything you can think of. Candy, popcorn, candles, CDs, home-made chocolates, salt and pepper shakers, and the list goes on and on. But half the fun of it can be the packaging it comes in!!

One of my favorite stores in the city is Creative Packaging, which I’ve blogged about before. But today I accidentally landed on The Container Store. Usuallywhen I find these fun sites, they never seem to ship to Canada, so when I saw the little Canadian flag that said “now shipping to Canada” – you can only imagine how happy that made me!
One of my favorites is the Birch Veneer Wine Bottle Cylinder. What a unique way to present a host/hostess or a wedding guest with a bottle of wine. You could jazz it up with a monogram stamp or some colorful ribbon.
The Clear Handled Cases would be perfect to fill up with fun shades of OPI nail polish to present to all the ladies standing by your side as you plan your big day. Just think of how much fun it would be to be presented with a case full of fun colored nail polishes just in time for Spring and Summer!
Then there are all the different shapes, sizes and colors that the Amac boxes come in. You can find the perfect shape and color to package that special gift for your guests!